Gyu - Supreme Being

Release Date: 22nd October 2012

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Kloudbreak - Ghosts EP

Gyu's ‘Supreme Being’ is his second instalment on Drawn Recordings. Having previously released on Phaeleh's Urban Scrumping label and Digital Distortions, the ex-Bristolian turned Muscovite veteran producer has served up an EP of subtle ingenuity and atmospheric pressure, locked down with groove-perverse beats and gravity-molesting basslines. Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome free stuff to celebrate.

Startslow - Anthropomorph

Out Now

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Kloudbreak - Ghosts EP

Startslow's EP perfectly blends deep bass with superb vocals and multiple layers of sax to create an aural assault like no other.

Damian B of FriedMsaidyLittleBrain: "Yeah, this EP is great. I love the track 'Edges of the Sun' the most, and the treatments on 'Tortu' are really artistic."

Nic from Ad Noiseam said "Very diverse and interesting"

Kloudbreak Ghosts EP

Out Now

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Kloudbreak - Ghosts EP

FREE TRACK - We're giving away a free track to celebrate this release; download Lighthouse for nowt

Kloudbreak strike back with their follow up EP on Drawn - Ghosts. A delicate and powerfull offering from the elusive duo... sound like an oxymoron? Have a listen.

Remixes from Gyu, Stressor and Eagles for Hands.

Drawn Compilation 2012 - FREE

Out Now

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Drawn compilation 2012

A free download of new music.

Our ethos at Drawn has always been to promote new and under the radar artists. It's our main motivation in doing what we do.

Here is a little compilation from us featuring music by some new artists, and from some not so new artists. Either way, it's stuff that deserves to be heard. It's all people from around the Southwest of the UK. It's free to download, so go on give it a click and make a hardworking musician happy.


Gyu - Cerebral

Out Now

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To celebrate the impending release of Gyu's EP Cerebral we're giving away a free track from the man himself called Bark. It's a little taster of what's in store. [Download it]

Drawn Recordings - Gyu Cerebral EP

[Buy it] Drawn Recordings proudly present the 'Cerebral' EP, a deep, dark and minimal take on dubstep by Gyu. The ex-Bristolian, Moscow-dwelling producer has crafted 3 of the finest slices of bass music, taking in elements of dubstep, breaks and DnB along the way.

Exhibiting more intelligence than your average wobblefest, Gyu’s music is at once weighty, emotive and serene. Not only does he know how to work the very lowest frequencies, but he eloquently weaves his deep cuts from a combination of sparse percussion, evocative melodic passages and dub-style FX. In short, he produces beautiful bass music. [Release Page]

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Gyu – Cerebral EP (Drawn004) - Clips by Drawn Recordings

Afterglow - The Remixes

Free Download

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Kloudbreak - The Remixes. Mothboy and Startslow

A couple of quality remixes right here for free.

Kloudbreak's 'Afterglow', from their debut EP 'Elements' gets the treatment from two stalwarts of the Drawn stable - Mothboy and Startslow. Best of all, they're both free to download.

That's right, we're giving away these tracks for free. I know. Unbelievable!

Initially this was available only to twitter users via 'Pay with a tweet'. You simply click the 'Paywithatweet' button, which takes you to a twitter sign-in page, sign in, send the tweet which appears (or change it). Boom. Simple. The tracks are yours. We'd still appreciate you doing this if you have a twitter account, it helps us spread our net a bit further, but no obligation!

Afterglow Remixes by Drawn Recordings

Materia - Razorball/Underfall

Out Now

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Drawn Recordings - Materia Razorball Underfall

Materia is hitting it hard with his new double A single on Drawn - Razorball/Underfall. Snappy beats with plenty of bass and bounce. This one is BIG! Click here for more details.

Kloudbreak - Elements EP


Drawn Recordings - Kloudbreak Elements

Drawn are proud to present the first Kloudbreak EP, 'Elements', which comprises five songs that are guaranteed to affect you. Ranging from uptempo to downbeat, all the tracks are laden with emotion and substance. Intricate vocal work from a voice that could make you cry, and dark brooding soundscapes that suggest a vicious beast lurking beneath the calm surface, ready to rip you limb from limb in an instant. This EP has a depth to it that sets it apart from many of its contemporaries, not simply reliant on gut wrenching bass to make its mark, but employing a subtler approach to etch its way into our hearts.

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Elements EP by Drawn Recordings


Mothboy - Yield EP

Drawn Recordings -Mothboy Yield EP

[Buy it] The latest and perhaps final instalment of the Mothboy legacy. Yield incorporates all the hallmarks of this innovative London producer - heavy bass exploration, intricate rhythms, dance floor grooves, beautiful vocals, delicate textural touches, and the unique jazzy feel that permeates his sound.

Yield comprises three choice cuts, influenced by everything from UK garage to house and techno.

Here are what some people have been saying about it:

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Yield EP by Drawn Recordings


Drawn Compilation 1 - FREE DOWNLOAD

Drawn 001

Our first release! A compilation of tracks from Drawn artists - available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.



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